Fuck Katrina

Hurricane Katrina leveled New Orleans on August 29th 2005.  The deviation was incredible and heart breaking.  As a long time Houstonian, I know first hand the impact such an event can have.  My wife and I love New Orleans and have spent quite a bit of time there.  The culture and history of New Orleans are unique and really something special.  Watching the news as Katrina tore through New Orleans had a serious affect on us and it was something we needed to see first hand.  Hermine and I visited New Orleans in early 2006 to witness first hand the aftermath.  

Fuck Katrina painted on a barge that had washed up into a neighborhood.  Nothing left but the foundations left of many homes.  Mary left in front of a door to protect a home.  Painted messages including Welcome Home, Save Our Hood, Dead Dog, We Are Back and People Live Here.  You can see in the images the devastation and the resilience of New Orleans.

Photos captured on 35mm and 120mm film.

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